Higher Diploma in Global Security, Safety & Corporate Governance

Higher Diploma in Global Security, Safety & Corporate Governance

The Higher Diploma in Global Security, Safety & Corporate Governance is an interdisciplinary program designed to equip students with comprehensive knowledge and skills in various aspects of security, safety, and governance on a global scale. This program integrates theoretical and practical perspectives, preparing graduates to address contemporary challenges in these fields with expertise and professionalism.

Course Modules

  1. Police Science
    • Explore the principles, practices, and evolution of policing. Study the structure and functions of police organizations, community policing, and the role of technology in modern law enforcement.
  2. Penal Science
    • Examine the theories and systems of punishment, including the philosophy and practice of penal institutions. Understand the impact of various penal approaches on crime control and rehabilitation.
  3. International Immigration Studies
    • Analyze global migration trends, policies, and their socio-economic impacts. Study the legal frameworks governing immigration and the role of international organizations in managing migration.
  4. Forensic and Criminal Investigations
    • Gain practical skills in forensic science and investigative techniques. Learn about crime scene management, evidence collection, and the application of scientific methods to solve crimes.
  5. Psychosocial Behavior of Deviance
    • Investigate the psychological and social factors contributing to deviant behavior. Study theories of deviance, criminal psychology, and the impact of societal norms on behavior.
  6. Terrorism and Maritime Piracy
    • Understand the causes, methods, and impacts of terrorism and maritime piracy. Explore counter-terrorism strategies, international maritime law, and the role of global security agencies.
  7. International Human Rights
    • Study the development, implementation, and enforcement of international human rights laws. Analyze case studies and the role of international bodies in promoting and protecting human rights.
  8. Corporate Security Management
    • Learn to design and implement effective corporate security policies. Study risk management, crisis response, and the integration of security measures within corporate strategies.
  9. Organizational Health, Safety and Environment
    • Explore best practices in workplace health, safety, and environmental management. Understand regulatory requirements, risk assessments, and the creation of safe work environments.
  10. Corporate Governance
    • Examine the principles and practices of corporate governance. Study the roles and responsibilities of boards, the impact of governance on corporate performance, and regulatory frameworks.
  11. Project Management
    • Develop skills in planning, executing, and managing projects. Learn about project lifecycle, resource management, and the use of project management tools and techniques.
  12. Research Methods/Project Works
    • Gain proficiency in research methodologies relevant to security, safety, and governance. Conduct independent research projects, applying theoretical knowledge to practical challenges.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Apply advanced knowledge of security, safety, and governance in various professional contexts.
  • Analyze and address complex issues related to crime, immigration, human rights, and corporate security.
  • Develop and implement effective policies and strategies to enhance organizational and societal security and safety.
  • Conduct rigorous research and present findings that contribute to the field of global security and governance.

This Higher Diploma is ideal for individuals seeking to advance their careers in law enforcement, corporate security, international organizations, or government agencies, as well as those aiming to pursue further academic studies in related fields.

Course Duration: 24 Months
Method of Delivery: Face-to-Face (Weekends Only / Saturday & Sunday)
Location: Spintex, Accra.
Call: 0205774002
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